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File Versions

Source: What is DD-WRT?

Atheros Based Devices (incl. UBNT)[edit]

Broadcom Based Devices[edit]

V24_pre_sp2 K2.4[edit]

Includes VINT, NEWD, NEWD-2

V24_pre_sp2 K2.6[edit]

WARNING: Do not use the K2.6 builds unless you are certain your device can support it! It will brick it!

Includes only NEWD-2

Special Versions[edit]

Screenshot of a QoS version

Currently brainslayer offers a special version of DD-WRT with extended QoS capabilities:

  • set maximum bandwidth available per netmask/MAC address (v.24-SP1: even for different vlans)
  • set a default rule for any unconfigured netmask/MAC address

This version is available from the DD-WRT Shop.
Updates for this special firmware version are provided in the special Customer Downloads & Updates forum.

Firmware releases customized to your corporate design are also available.

Intel IXP Based Devices[edit]

Ralink Based Devices[edit]

x86 Based Devices[edit]