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WiGig (60GHz) • RF Transceiver/Transmitter
  • Silicon Image SiI6310 / SiI6312 - 802.11ad highly integrated 60GHz RF transceiver
  • Silicon Image SiI6400 - UltraGig WirelessHD single chip network processor, RF transceiver
IDE/SATA Host Controller • ATA-ATA bridge
Silicon Image SiI3531 - eSATA Controller
Silicon Image SiI3132 - PCIe 1x/eSATA Controller
DVI/HDMI Transmitter
Silicon Motion SMT2240T (SATA SSD 4-Channel Flash Controller)

See also

• AS1138 (802.3af/at PoE Powered Device Controller)
• FC8731 (300mA CMOS Linear Regulator)
• FC9516A (USB Power Distribution Switch)
INexQ (Unex) ISW054tUnex (iNexQ) ISW050u
MSI RG11B (MS-6811)MSI RG54GS (MS-6822)
Procomp PW8540IMX-Micro XWL-11GRIX
  • Silicon Labs • ProSLIC (FXS) VoIP SoC, ZigBee
  • SST (Silicon Storage Technology) • SDRAM
EnGenius ESR1750 (SST12LP15A - 2.4GHz PA)
Compex WLM54GP23 (SST12LP15A - 2.4GHz PA)
• SM81C256K16CJ (RAM)
• SMT2240T (SATA SSD Flash) • SM3257EN (USB Flash)
Transcend JetFlash 370 • SM3257EN (USB Flash)
Millitronic MG360 • SM3257EN (USB 2.0 Flash Controller)
OQO model 01 • SM722G8 (Lynx3DM8+)
  • Wolfson (Wolfson Microelectronics) WM9710
AC'97 Audio codec w/ integrated headphone driver
• 32P4903B (Read channel IC, HDD)