Ubiquiti Networks airRouter/Serial info

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'Stock' (or at least, w/ some version of AirOS) boot log

U-Boot (Sep  6 2010 - 14:46:33)

Board: Ubiquiti Networks XM board (rev 1.1 e4a2)
DRAM:  32 MB
Flash:  8 MB
Net:   eth0, eth1
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
## Booting image at 9f050000 ...
   Image Name:   MIPS Ubiquiti Linux-2.6.15-5.2
   Created:      2011-01-14  12:43:09 UTC
   Image Type:   MIPS Linux Kernel Image (lzma compressed)
   Data Size:    771914 Bytes = 753.8 kB
   Load Address: 80002000
   Entry Point:  80002000
   Verifying Checksum ... OK
   Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK

Starting kernel ...

...mounts done
...filesystem init done
...base ok
...update ok
...symlinks ok
...httpd ok
...detect ok
...running /sbin/init

Please press Enter to activate this console.

cat /proc/cpuinfo

XM.v5.3# cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type             : Atheros AR7240 (Python)
processor               : 0
cpu model               : MIPS 24K V7.4
BogoMIPS                : 259.07
wait instruction        : yes
microsecond timers      : yes
tlb_entries             : 16
extra interrupt vector  : yes
hardware watchpoint     : yes
ASEs implemented        : mips16
VCED exceptions         : not available
VCEI exceptions         : not available