Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos (GT-I9508C)

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Brand • Model • Rev
Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos (GT-I9508C)
Brand? Model?
CPU1 Speed
not specified
Flash1 Chip
Brand? Model?
Flash1 Size
? MiB
RAM1 Size
? MiB
RAM1 Chip
Brand? Model?
ETH chip1
Brand? Model?

802dot11 OUI: none specified

Stock FW OS
Expansion IF types
none specified
Categorized as
not categorized
Default IP address
FCC approval date 02 July 2013
Country of manuf Korea

This phone appears to be a Duos model (that is, it is a dual SIM phone).

Per the FCC SAR testing report..

  • The Main antenna (GSM 850/1900MHz / UMTS Band 2/5) (Tx+Rx) appears to be located at the bottom of the phone.
  • The Sub. antenna (UMTS Band 5) (Rx) appears to be located at the top left of the phone.
  • The GPS antenna (Rx) is located at the top right of the phone
  • The BT/Wi-Fi antenna (Tx+Rx) is located at middle left of the phone (under the GPS antenna).
  • The NFC antenna is integrated into the battery (standard model being B600BC).
  • AP mode in the 5GHz bands are not supported with the Wi-Fi chip due to a firmware limitation.

On MobiLeaks (Dutch)

covering passing through Bluetooth SIG

Wi-Fi Certified : WFA19663 (as of 05/31/2013)