Realtek RTL8196C

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General Description The RTL8196C is an integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) that implements a basic L2 5-port Ethernet switch and a high performance CPU. The embedded RISC CPU is an RLX4181, and the clock rate can be up to 400MHz. To improve computational performance, a 16-Kbyte I-Cache, 8-Kbyte D-Cache, 16-K I-MEM, and 8-Kbyte D-MEM are provided. A standard 5-signal P1149.1 compliant EJTAG test interface is supported for CPU testing and software development.

Features ■ SOC

  ◆ Embedded RISC CPU, RLX4181 with
     16K I-Cache, 8K D-Cache, 16K I-MEM,
     8K D-MEM
  ◆ Supports MIPS-1 ISA, MIPS16 ISA
  ◆ Clock rate up to 400MHz
  ◆ Provides a standard 5-signal P1149.1
     EJTAG test port
  ◆ Supports RLX4181 CPU suspend mode

■ L2 Capabilities

  ◆ Five Ethernet MAC integrated switch
     with five 10M/100Mbps physical layers
     and transceivers for IEEE 802.3
     10Base-T and 100Base-TX
  ◆ Non-blocking wire-speed reception and
     transmission and non-head-of-line
  ◆ Internal 512Kbit SRAM for packet
  ◆ Internal 1024 entry 4-way hash L2 look
     up table
  ◆ Supports source and destination MAC
     address filtering
  ◆ Supports IEEE 802.1x port-based and
     MAC-based Network Access Control
  ◆ Complies with
     IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.1q/802.1d
  ◆ Flexible full-duplex 802.3x flow control
     and optional half-duplex backpressure
     flow control
  ◆ MAC learning supports Shared VLAN
     Learning (SVL) and Independent VLAN
     Learning (IVL) modes

■ CPU Interface (NIC)

  ◆ Supports BSD mbuf-like packet structure
     with adjustable cluster size (128-byte to
     2Kbyte) to provide optimum memory
  ◆ Provides the ‘To-CPU reason’ in the
     packet header to facilitate packet
  ◆ The NIC DMA supports multiple
     descriptor-ring architecture for QoS
     applications (supports 6 RX descriptor
     rings and 2 TX descriptor rings)

■ Peripheral Interfaces

  ◆ Supports one PCI Express Host with
     integrated PHY
  ◆ Supports one 16550 UART
  ◆ Supports up to 17 GPIO pins
  ◆ Supports one-port USB 2.0 host interface
  ◆ Embedded USB PHY

■ Memory Interfaces

  ◆ Flash (NOR Type)
     ■ Supports two Flash banks that can be
        configured as 8/16-bit bus, 256k/512k
        /1M/2M/4M/8M bytes
     ■ System supports up to 16Mbyte Flash
        memory space
     ■ Boot up from NOR Flash is supported
  ◆ Flash (SPI Type)
     ■ Supports 4 channels for SPI Flash
     ■ Boot up from SPI Flash is supported
     ■ System supports up to 32Mbyte Flash
        memory space
     ■ Supports two SDRAM banks that can
        be configured as 2M/4M/8M/16M/
     ■ 16-bit SDRAM data bus is supported.
        System totally supports up to
        128Mbyte SDRAM memory space

■ Supports Green Ethernet

  ◆ Cable length power saving
  ◆ Power down power saving
  ◆ Supports IEEE 802.3az Draft 2.0 Energy
     Efficient Ethernet (EEE) for
     100Base-TX in full duplex operation,
     and 10Base-T in full/half duplex mode

■ Other Add-on-Value Features

  ◆ Supports Link down power saving in
     Ethernet PHY
  ◆ Supports two hardware timers and one
     watchdog timer
  ◆ Per-port configurable auto-crossover
  ◆ Single 25MHz crystal or 40MHz clock
  ◆ PQFP 128-pin package