Motorola SURFboard SB6141

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Motorola SB6141 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
Motorola SURFboard SB6141
cable modem
Texas Instruments TNETC4830
Flash1 Chip
Macronix MX25L6445EMI-10G
Flash1 Size
8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />
RAM1 Size
32 MiB33,554,432 B <br />262,144 Kib <br />32,768 KiB <br />256 Mib <br />0.0313 GiB <br />
RAM1 Chip
Winbond W9725G6JB-25
ETH chip1
Texas Instruments TNETC4830
ETH chip2
Realtek RTL8211EG
Cable Modem Spec
DOCSIS 3.0: (8 x 4)
Ethernet Port Count
Stock bootloader
U-Boot  1.2.0 vendor modified
Stock FW OS
Linux 2.6.18
Expansion IF types
none specified
12 VDC, 0.75 A
Connector type
5.5 mm (OD)
2.5 mm (ID)

Default IP address:
the IP is used by 44 additional devices
of which 7 are Motorola devices

FCC approval date 2012
UPC 612572196199
(UPC DB, On eBay)
ASIN B00AJHDZSI Flag of the United States.svg
Country of manuf Taiwan
 CPU1 brandFLA1RAM1
Motorola SURFboard SB4100Broadcom2 MiB2,097,152 B <br />16,384 Kib <br />2,048 KiB <br />16 Mib <br />0.00195 GiB <br />8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />
Motorola SURFboard SB4200Broadcom2 MiB2,097,152 B <br />16,384 Kib <br />2,048 KiB <br />16 Mib <br />0.00195 GiB <br />8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />
Motorola SURFboard SB4220Texas Instruments
Motorola SURFboard SB5100iBroadcom2 MiB2,097,152 B <br />16,384 Kib <br />2,048 KiB <br />16 Mib <br />0.00195 GiB <br />8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />
Motorola SURFboard SB5101Broadcom2 MiB2,097,152 B <br />16,384 Kib <br />2,048 KiB <br />16 Mib <br />0.00195 GiB <br />8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />
Motorola SURFboard SB6120Texas Instruments8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />32 MiB33,554,432 B <br />262,144 Kib <br />32,768 KiB <br />256 Mib <br />0.0313 GiB <br />
Motorola SURFboard SB6121Texas Instruments8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />32 MiB33,554,432 B <br />262,144 Kib <br />32,768 KiB <br />256 Mib <br />0.0313 GiB <br />
Motorola SURFboard SB6141Texas Instruments8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />32 MiB33,554,432 B <br />262,144 Kib <br />32,768 KiB <br />256 Mib <br />0.0313 GiB <br />
Motorola SURFboard SB6183Broadcom8 MiB8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br />128 MiB134,217,728 B <br />1,048,576 Kib <br />131,072 KiB <br />1,024 Mib <br />0.125 GiB <br />

For a list of all currently documented Texas Instruments (TI) chipsets with specifications, see Texas Instruments.

For a list of all currently documented Motorola device with specifications, see Motorola.


This device uses a maximum of 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels.
It has been remarked as using TNETC4840, but, per the below Wiki link,
at least some 6141s appear to use TNETC4830ZDWG.

Links of Interest

"SB6141 MAIN BOARD", "SB1557-001 REV: 3", "18-MAY-2011", the Motorola logo,
"MADE IN TAIWAN", and a date code of 1146 is silkscreened on the board shown.
P/Ns used in this entry are per this wiki page.
the modem apparently was code named Komodo
tarball contains a modified Linux 2.6.18 kernel as well as U-Boot 1.2.0.
it can probably be safely assumed they are used

Likely compatible services

List of Time Warner approved modems)