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About TechInfoDepot Wiki

Looking for information on a specific router or access point? Try Hardware Specific.

This site is a black-whole for technology information.

This started out as a private wiki for my own reference. So I decided to share all that I have found.

Use the information in this Wiki as is. I am not responsible for what you do to your equipment.

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Special Thanks to User:M86 from WikiDevi for a great protion of the semantic wiki code.

State of the Database

Newest Pages

  1. Buffalo WLI-CB-G54 series
  2. Netgear GS308 v1
  3. BCM BR-N150/Serial info
  4. TP-LINK TL-WR850N v3
  5. Atel Electronics AT8-4/Serial info
  6. AsiaRF AW7915-NP1
  7. Hewlett Packard Enterprise 1910-8G-PoE+ (JG350A)
  8. Hewlett Packard Enterprise 1920-8G-PoE+ (JG922A)
  9. Broadcom BCM94360 series
  10. Broadcom BCM94360
  11. ZyXEL GS1900-8HP
  12. Philips TalkTalk SNU5630NS/05
  13. Netgear WG111v2
  14. Broadcom BCM94331 series
  15. Broadcom BCM94331
  16. D-Link DIR-615 rev D5
  17. D-Link DIR-615 rev D4
  18. D-Link DIR-615 rev D3
  19. D-Link DIR-615 rev D2
  20. D-Link DIR-615 rev D1


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Welcome to the InfoDept Wiki. Created by DarkShadow, and currently being kicked into gear.

If you have something you would like added to a protected page, click on discussion then edit and type in the information there. I will get to it as soon as I can.