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A distinguishing characteristic of the 24KE family is the inclusion of the MIPS DSP

Application Specific Extension (ASE).

The MIPS DSP ASE provides support for a number of powerful data processing operations.

It includes instructions for executing fractional arithmetic (Q15/Q31) and for saturating arithmetic.

Additionally, for smaller data sizes, SIMD operations are supported, allowing 2x16b

or 4x8b operations to occur simultaneously.

Another feature of the ASE is the inclusion of additional HI/LO accumulator registers

to improve the parallelization of independent accumulation routines.


  • MIPS 24KEc is a 32-bit RISC core for high performance applications.
  • MIPS 24KEc Pro core offers the CorExtend capability.
(CP0 Status Reg, Bit 17 set for CorExtend block)
  • MIPS 24KEf core adds an IEEE-754 compliant floating point unit.
(CP0 Status Reg, Bit 29 set for Floating Point Unit)
unit and the CorExtend capability.


MIPS 24KEc share same erratas with MIPS 24K only with some version offset.

Release Identifier PRId [Revision] /
Description Date
2_0_* 2.0.0 / 0x40 General availability of 24KE core. June 30, 2005
2_1_* 2.1.0 / 0x44 8KB cache option December 30, 2005
2_2_* 2.2.0 / 0x48 L2 support., 64KB alias-free D-cache option, option to have
up to 8 outstanding cache misses (previous maximum 4).
July 12, 2006
2_3_* 2.3.0 / 0x4c Less interlocks round cache instructions, relocatable reset
exception vector location.
January 3, 2007
2_4_* 2.4.0 / 0x50 New UserLocal register, alias-proof I-cache hit-invalidate
operation, can wait with interrupts disabled.
October 31, 2007
2_5_0 2.5.0 / 0x54 Errata fixes January, 2009

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